About Us

Our business is built on the idea of supporting local farmers, using the freshest ingredients.

By sourcing locally we support the local economy, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide the taste and freshness of home cooking.

We strive to incorporate your feedback in order to improve our products and service.

Feel free to send us a message on our contact us page if you have any comments or suggestions.

The Founders

Devayani Sinha

Real Food Real Tasty is a passion project for us. Over the past decade our family has bonded over cooking and enjoying meals together and with friends and family. We have challenged ourselves to make delicious meals that are also sourced locally (i.e. from our garden/food forest and local markets) and with fresh ingredients. As our lives became busier we discovered the secret to making outstanding, home cooked meals was in the sauce! We began experimenting and developing sauces and sharing with friends and family.

In 2018 I took the plunge, leaving my career of 20 years in Healthcare/Health IT and launching Real Food Real Tasty. It has been an adventure allowing me to meet many incredible people along the way.

Chauncey Anderson

I have enjoyed cooking since I was a young kid when I helped my dear grandmother make her signature bread pudding.

Since we also enjoy growing fruits and vegetables, we found that canning sauces and preserves with locally sourced produce was a wonderful marriage of cooking and gardening.

Some of my hobbies include playing outside in the vegetable garden and playing bass guitar.

I love creating tasty sauces and more !